EP45 - Why drawing a clear vision is so essential for success. Interview with Irina Poddubnaia.

July 14, 2022 Daniel Delank & Gerd Halfwassen Episode 45
EP45 - Why drawing a clear vision is so essential for success. Interview with Irina Poddubnaia.
Show Notes

Irina is a SAAS founder and a business consultant who specializes in Performance Enhancement and Operations and Processes Optimization. She helps design systems out of the right people, processes, and tools. Through the course of the last few years, she has helped over many small and large companies deliver outstanding results. 
As an Ecommerce Project manager and scrum coach, she helped ecommerce brands sort their hiring, onboarding, fulfillment, customer support and daily operations workflows. This helped them increase their business velocity and they had more time to only take care of the products Marketing and productivity. 
Irina has a very large experience in ecommerce over 8 years with its different challenges and obstacles, from running a fulfillment center in China where she was living for over 2 years to launching her own SAAS software for package tracking that increases sales by 5-10% on autopilot. 
She has been successful executing Lean 6 sigma optimizations for eCommerce companies: customer support, logistics and overall supply chain management optimization. 
After her experience in China, she understood the need for ecommerce companies to have a trustful and a software that can fill the gap with Product tracking. 
She decided then to create TrackMage.com platform. It allows Ecommerce stores that to have a 5-10% extra sales by simplifying the customer experience. It allows them to track their products on the platform and do the upsell then automatic follow ups for reviews. 
This also helps brands to reduce the number of claims received by the customer services. 
TrackMage has signed a deal with Metal Family, the notorious group of content creators who create famous animations on YouTube with Millions of views worldwide. With their rising popularity, they decided to expand and start selling physical comic books and other merchandises. TrackMage was the solution chosen to help them manage all the supply chain from confirming orders till getting thousands of reviews at the end of the sales funnel.